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Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine

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Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine

Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine [HR model 600 mm]

BED : Made of high grade cast iron provided with strong ribs for rigidity and a arge inverted prismetic guide and hand scraoped to ensure high accuracy.
TABLE : The table is composed of two parts, A Swivel table (upper part) can be swivelled and set easily on either side by means of screw and a scale.
WORKHEAD : It is built for grinding both with revolving & stationary centre. Different speeds are available to suit different types of job. The workhead can be swivelled up to 90 towards wheel & 30 away from wheel for taper conical and face griding No.3 or 4 Morse taper cantion and size. On demand work spindle as per specifi-supplied fitted in Phosphorous Bronze Bearings.
TAILSTOCK : The Tsilstock Center carrying spindle travels in Perfectly honed bore, it is protected from dust. The Tailstock spindle is spring loaded.
WHEELHEAD : It is designed to raise efficiency and eliminates vibrarions For Fine Finish the grinding wheel spindle runs in phoshorous Bearing (Wheel side) any axial play is eliminated by two Taper Roller Bearings is (Pulleyside) Automatic Lubrication of the bearing is provided within the head at extia cost.
INTERNAL GRINDING ATTACHMENT : (As an optional equipment at extra cost) The said attachment equipment is Driven with independent motor
fitted on through a plain endless belt giving the vibration free efficiency. The spindle is fitted in Angular contac bearings. The attachment may be used for both tapert and cylindrical holes.
COOLANT : The cooling system is independent and the coolant supply is provided with an electric coolant pump fitted on a tank through a pipe and nozzle.The machine is fully installed with electrical motors Push buttons, Switchgeas & wiring normally arranged, to suit the supply of 400/400Volts, 3Phase AC:50 Cycles






Maximum Grinding Length 300mm, 450mm, 600mm,
Maximum Hight of Centers 145mm, 145mm, 145mm,
Maximum Swig over table 250mm, 290mm, 290mm,
Maximum grinding diameter 200mm, 240mm, 240mm,
Table feed -------- Hyd/Mech Hyd/Mech
Range of table feeds per minute In Hydraulic infintely In Hydraulic infintely variable/In mechhanica 100-175-275mm.
Maximum table e swivel 9 + 3 -12 9 + 3 - 12 9 + 3 - 12
Work head swivel on either side 90 / 30 90 / 30 90 / 30
Workspindle speeds 3 4 4
Workspindle speeds range 50 to 100 60 to 350 60 to 350
Taper in workspindle MT-3 MT-4 MT-4
Taper in tailspindle MT-3 MT-4 MT-4
To and fro swivel of wheel head 60 60 60
Transverse movement of wheel head max 125mm. 125mm. 125mm.
Size of Grinding wheel 355X38X127mm. 355X38X127mm. 355X38X127mm.
Min, dia of worn out wheel 225mm. 225mm. 225mm.
R.P.M. of Grinding wheel (Two Range) 1650/2200 1650/2200 1650/2200
Maximum Internal Grinding depth 80mm 80mm 100mm
Min & Max. dia of hole for grinding 15 to 240mm. 15 to 240mm. 15 X 240mm.
Wheel Head motor 14440 R.P.M 3 H. P . 3 H. P . 3 H. P .
Work Head motor 960 R.P.M. 0.75 HP. 0.75 HP. 0.75 HP.
Motor For table drive Hyd./Mech. 2 H.P 0.75 H.P. 2 H.P 0.75 H.P. 2 H.P 0.75 H.P.
Motor for internal grinding attachment 0.75 H.P. 0.75 H.P. 0.75 H.P.
Approximate weight with packing 1200 Kg 1400 Kg 2000 Kg
STANDARD EQUIPMENT :Coolant Pump, Dressing Tool Holder with Tool grinding wheel, Grease gun, Oil can, Dead Centres, Key spanners, Wheel Flange.
OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT : (At extra cost) Internal grinding attachment (to be ordered with the machine) SELF CENTRING CHUCKS 5 Independent 4 jaw chucks 6” 3 POINT STEADY REST 2 POINT STEADY REST, Revolving Centre, Radius truing device, Balancing Stand Balancing Mandrel and spare wheel flange. (Right reserved for thee changes towards improvement in Desing & Construction.)



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